Support your Local Business — Open Businesses List

THINK LOCAL, THINK SMALL — Please support our local sponsors and businesses!

The team at KefiFM wants to help small businesses during these unique times. We understand the value of our community and wanted to share a live list of our sponsors and local businesses who are open and will appreciate your patronage. Buy a gift card or use their take-out service. Hold onto their contact info for a future service date. Recommend their business to family & friends. Like their business pages on Facebook.

These are the businesses that support our school fundraisers, sponsor our kids’ sports teams, know us by name, and add heart and soul to our community. They supported our community, and they need us now. Remember, we are all in this together and communities come together in support when we need it most.

We’ll keep you posted with any updates as we navigate the unknown together, and know that we are doing our absolute best to stay positive and work hard through this sad time. We hope everyone stays healthy and safe!

— KefiFM Team