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At KefiFM,  we’re proud of our team—a bright, diverse group of individuals who share a common love for Greek music—just like our listeners! At the heart of our team is the talented group of on-air hosts that serve as the voice of the KefiFM, as well as the station’s ears, as we continually evolve in response to listeners’ feedback.

We invite you to take a moment to “meet” your on-air hosts here, and as always, feel free to contact us

Christos was introduced to Radio during the college years while hosting Hellenic Images on WBRS. The experience leads to multiple music and talk shows on Bostons WUNR, and eventually he produced a variety of music and talk shows.


As he connected with DJ Yanni, together they launched a 24-hour Greek radio station. The project was based on what was originally nicknamed "the peoples' station"!


You can catch Christos weekdays on KefiFM and at  live events with KefiFM's mobile studio unit.


DJ-Host, Producer & KefiFM Founder

DJ Babis comes from Kastoria, Greece. 

His love for music was so great he started somewhere in 1998-1999 as DJ in Germany. He had started promoting his work through Youtube.


One collaboration brought the other and so began the "IN THE MIX" Project, which is created every week with new and old hits airing weekdays on KefiFM.

DJ Babis

DJ - Producer

The party mix has since made its way to radio stations in South Africa, Australia, Jeruselum, and North America, as well as a variety of local Greek radio and internet stations.  


His musical collaborations include musicians Zan Batist, Giorgios Liatys, Basilis Anemogios, and Yiannis Sofillas to name a few. "Without Taboo" airs weekly on KefiFM from 10 to 11 am.

DJ Ilias G

DJ - Producer

DJ Sakis Bousdounis is a DJ, Radio and TV Host.

He started his career as DJ in 1992. For four years, he played music for every kind of occasion in Athens. At the same time, he began his career as a radio producer at big radios in Athens!


Since 1997, DJ Sakis has been on TV presenting music shows and interviews with artists. 

DJ Sakis

DJ - Producer

Music was my first love…

DJ Yanni brings knowledge of Greek music. He grew up in the Boston area, with strong ties and roots to Greece. 


His parents always had music in the home, which created a strong love for Greek music. At the young age of 16, he started his own DJ company and is the founder of KefiFM.

DJ Yanni

DJ-Host, Producer & KefiFM Founder

Dimitris Zervos grew up in Greece spending time in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Katerini. He moved to New York and eventually moved to Boston. During his time in Greece, he fell in love with Greek music and realized how music is part of our culture. 


Graduating from NYIT with a Communication Arts Degree, he got his first taste in professional radio when he interned at The Howard Stern Show on K-Rock.


Media has always been in his heart and currently, he heads the News team on KefiFM and co-hosts the KefiFM Sports show with host Tony Kariotis.

Dimitris Zervos

Producer & KefiFM News Anchor

Elena has been working as a journalist in Greece for the last 5 years. When people ask her what does she prefer, television or radio? Radio is her fix and love and KefiFM loves Elena!! 

Every day for four years with Lambros Konstantaras they have been  a dynamic duo entertaining us on KefiFM during the morning rush hours.   Tune in daily to catch Elena in Boston, New England, North America and the rest of the world.

You can also catch Elena on TV some nights a week with Themis Georgantas at the Afterdark on SKAI.

Elena Konsta

Host and Radio Personality

No words can describe Lambros, he is a producer, CEO of a record company and a well know radio personality in Greece.   He knows how to have fun on and off the air. 

On KefiFM with his co-host he has fun and plays the latest top hits in Boston and Greece. 

Lambros Konstantaras

Host and Radio Personality

Manos is an active member on international relations of the Greek sports press core.  The  current chief editor of Discoveryfootball.com, Manos has worked for newspapers,  a radio station  producer  and as a Greek commentator on television for Champions League.   A correspondent  for some of the worlds biggest sports newspapers and magazines.

Manos represents Greece in the annual  referendum of FIFA-France Football, for the prize "Golden Ball'  and Accredited by UEFA ,FIFA and the European Union.  

Manos on KefiFM keeps us up to date  with all Sports from Greece!!!

Manos Staramopoulos

Producer & KefiFM News Anchor

Marias love for music ever since childhood wasn’t a secret. After specializing in Music Clinical Psychology she realized her other passion, helping others see the bright side of life and spread her positive energy. 


It wasn’t a surprise when she packed her degrees in public relations and psychology to put them at use in her own original way.. on the radio!

Maria Barka

Host and Radio Personality

Penny is a producer, she is also our go to graphic designer and responsible for all things social media.  Penny was originally contracted to help create the first KefiFM logo. If you did not know this, prior to our launch in 2017 she was listener #3 and eventually partner.

As part of many Greek organizations in Boston throughout the years, KefiFM is the icing on the cake, where she combines her love for design, Greek music and event planning.


Producer, Social Media Queen

Director of the Teddy K Classic Basketball Tournament, he is also the head coach of the St. Nectarios Basketball program of Roslindale, MA.


Tony’s coaching resume in the Metropolis of Basketball league is 2nd to none, coaching his teams to 10 GOYA championships and that’s including 4 straight Teddy K Classic High School championships, developing a handful of league MVP’s and receiving top coach honors on several occasions.

Tony Kariotis

Host and Radio Personality



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Greek Music and Culture - they just go together.


And a radio station that connects the two should be fresh, intelligent, and fun,  just like its listeners.  At KefiFM, we celebrate that greek culture every day, playing music that weaves across time and genres. Our playlist includes elements of  Modern,  laïká,  Éntekhno,  Greek Pop/Pock, and other forms of music. You’ll hear a blend of current Hits from today’s artists, your favorites from the '80s and '90s, and classic cuts from the '60s and '70s. You’ll also hear our producers entertain you and share insight on a variety of local events and topics, including sports, because we believe that a community comes together when it shares life’s simple joys, and we love to share that joy with our listeners.

If your relationship with Greek Music and Culture runs deep, tune in to  KefiFM - Boston's Greek Hit Radio Station!