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Ways to Listen 

Smartphone or Tablet

Listen to the KefiFM at home, the gym, the beach, or anywhere else! Just grab any iOS or Android device, download the free  KefiFM app or TuneIn app, then search “KefiFM”. Or, skip the app and listen straight from the source at It works on mobile too!  Download The App Here

Desktop or Laptop

Stream the KefiFM at  anytime. Just hit the play symbol at the bottom of this or any other page on our website.

Amazon-Echo-Alexa enabled Speaker

Listen to the KeiFM on an Amazon Echo or any Alexa-enabled device! Use Just use Tunin on Alexa. 

On the Road

Rule #1 of the road: The driver picks the music! So use the KefiFM app or TuneIn app.

Listen using any method you choose, depending on your mood.

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