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Greek Concert Status

Greek Concert Status

(833) 442-7849 is the No.1 source for Greek concerts and Events around the world! A place where fans can purchase tickets to the biggest Greek concerts and most well known artists in various locations. Its a fast, safe, reliable and convenient destination to get tickets to see the hottest Greek entertainers and most memorable tours of the year.

We are the one and only company which sells Greek concert tickets around the world and the only venue where you can view upcoming concert information for Greek artists in different cities across the globe. We will be selling tickets for a diverse number of artists in Greek entertainment and we will be collaborating with only the best production companies to bring you the highest standard and quality of shows. We associate ourselves with all the leading production companies that bring the most well known and popular artists from Greece. The shows will be filled with lots of 'KEFI' and unforgettable memories to last a life time.

​At, we strive to put fans first. Every day we're listening to your feedback and working to improve your experience before, during, and after events that's why we encourage our fans to contact us for any reason including suggestions on how we can improve your experience on the website and which Greek entertainers you would like to see in concert. If you are a production company that would like to have your event listed on our website or would like us to sell and promote your event, please contact us.

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