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KefiFM Launches Greek Music Station in Boston MA

KefiFM Boston’s Greek Hit Music Station

Kefi FM announces the launch of our Greek hit music platform, the radio station. The 24 hour internet radio station offers a variety of Greek music, but the focus is on today’s popular songs and yesterday’s hits.

KefiFM broadcasts out of Boston, the programming is in both Greek and English language. A variety of shows are broadcasted in addition to offering Greek music. The DJ's and hosts provide commentary and conversation throughout the programs. KefiFM allows people to stay in touch with the Greek culture and on what’s going on with the Omogenia in Boston and New England as well as news from Greece.

Our programing schedule is available on the website. The radio shows produced by Christos K., Yannis I. and a variety of DJs both from the local area and from Greece. Weekly programming includes Popular Dance, Laika, Éntekhno, popular Throw-back songs from past decades, mixes, and modern Greek hits.

You can listen to the radio station live directly from the KefiFM's website or by using popular apps like, TuneIn, Streama and KefFM's mobile app.

Listen to KefiFM – Boston’s #1 Greek Hit Music Station for all the latest Greek music, popular hits and local events.

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