Taste and Art of Greece

Started by two friends who met as teenagers during a summer holiday in Greece, one from the USA and the other from Lesvos, Greece! A vision was born over 29 years later, to bring to America the best of Greece as a celebration of all the wonderful things Greece has to offer beyond the glorious sunsets and picturesque views. From the hands of artists, crafts people working with various materials, and from the most traditional and classic makers of foods, everything made in Greece, brought to your doors in the USA.  We bring you hidden gems in fashion and in traditional products.  We want to share all these wonderful, innovative, stylish, and delicious products beyond Greece. We are working directly with the artists and producers of our products, some new to the American marketplace, and some old familiar favorites. Through our Eshop and pop up stores around the New Hampshire and Massachusetts areas, you will be supporting and celebrating these wonderful people who put their love, time and devotion into their craft.



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Greek Music and Culture - they just go together.


And a radio station that connects the two should be fresh, intelligent, and fun,  just like its listeners.  At KefiFM, we celebrate that greek culture every day, playing music that weaves across time and genres. Our playlist includes elements of  Modern,  laïká,  Éntekhno,  Greek Pop/Pock, and other forms of music. You’ll hear a blend of current Hits from today’s artists, your favorites from the '80s and '90s, and classic cuts from the '60s and '70s. You’ll also hear our producers entertain you and share insight on a variety of local events and topics, including sports, because we believe that a community comes together when it shares life’s simple joys, and we love to share that joy with our listeners.

If your relationship with Greek Music and Culture runs deep, tune in to  KefiFM - Boston's Greek Hit Radio Station!