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Evan Karas - YouTube Recipes

Evan Karas - YouTube Recipes

(610) 574-4051

For those who don’t know me yet, I’m a self taught “Chef.” Yes, feel free to use the chef term extremely loosely… I know I do.


I love food. Like, really love food. It’s all I think about most days… well maybe not all I think about, but the thought is up there. Throughout my life, I’ve always felt comfort in food, and accomplishment when I learn something new about it. Exploring food, different recipes, and the origins of those recipes takes me to another world, so I decided to create this channel to share just that.


In that exploration, I’ve found that when going out to restaurants, gatherings, and just about anywhere else, I often say to myself afterwards - Hey, I wonder if i could recreate this same thing at home? Of course, after tons of trial and error (read mostly error) I eventually produce something pretty damn satisfying. My wife says that I’ve ruined going to restaurants for her. Just saying…


So to that point, my main goal is to help people gain that same confidence to make delicious, restaurant-worthy food right in their own home. Easy, right? Just say it to yourself… I CAN MAKE THAT!


Whether you’re here visiting, want to share stuff, or really do think that you’ll learn something from me, I look forward to bringing you mouth-watering food, creative recipes, and helpful tips that will move you further along your culinary journey.


Much love!



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