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Grecian Diner & Tavern

Grecian Diner & Tavern

(978) 854-5990

Grecian Diner, a Greek restaurant in Peabody was established in 2018. The founders, Peter Mihalakis and Peter Georgoudis, desired to create a family-friendly establishment serving their patrons high quality, homestyle meals – American and Greek.


At our Greek diner, we are committed to using the finest quality and freshest ingredients in all of our dishes. We make every effort to obtain organically or locally sourced products. Our organic olive oil and oregano are imported from southern Greece and Crete; our eggs and produce are purchased from local farms; the beef we use is grass-fed. Our Greek dishes are prepared and cooked traditionally as passed on through the generations. Everything is prepared and cooked with love!





Born and raised in southern Greece, Peter Georgoudis became interested in culinary arts at an early age, observing and helping his parents cook in their village tavern. Living on a farm, his parents utilized only their farm fresh ingredients in their cooking. This is how Peter learned to cook, and these early childhood experiences shaped his understanding on how to cook healthy and tasty homestyle meals. Since he arrived in the U.S. over 15 years ago, Peter has worked in some of the best diners in Florida and New York, including the famous Neptune Diner in Astoria, Queens. Peter is excited to bring his love and passion for food to Grecian Diner and share that traditional, homestyle cooking with his patrons.

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