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Your home for Greek Wedding attire!


We are thrilled to welcome our latest sponsor and supporter to the KefiFM Family, Miltons-The Store for Men!

Wedding Season is approaching and as the Groom, you need to choose a store you can trust as your one stop shop for your Wedding Party and guests. Miltons is your place. Don't want to rent a Tux? Prefer a suit for you and your Groomsmen? Everything you need for your special day from your suit to your shoes down to your pocket square, even alterations all under one roof. Whether you are looking for a suit or a tuxedo, they have colors and options in all price ranges to help you find your perfect match!

Do you want your groomsmen to match you? Or do you want to wear something different and stand apart? Whatever your vision is for your big day, their expert staff is there to help you put it all together.

Stores in Chestnut Hill and Braintree and online at

Receive 10% off for your wedding party.