Meet KefiFM’s super fan!

Meet KefiFM’s super fan, Spiro. Spiro Sakkas is an 8 ½-year-old third grader at Winthrop School in Ipswich. This energetic Greek boy has a Brown Belt in martial arts (we are not messing with him!), plays his favorite sport hockey on the Newburyport Clippers and is also learning to ride horses.

But Spiro is on a mission. A mission to help someone who needs it. After seeing his Mom and his aunt fight Cancer and lose their hair he decided he wanted to help someone in his own way. He decided to grow out his hair so he could donate it to someone who needs it. It took a while to grow, and he even had to face a few bullies who didn’t understand why Spiro had really long hair. He had to remind them not to bully because as he says” you don’t know what they are growing their hair for…”

If you want to support Spiro on May 5th join #KefiFM at the Teddy K Classic basketball tournament finals where the tournament will take a break to have Spiro’s hair cut and donated to #DanaFarber so that “it can be used by someone who needs it” as Spiro says.

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May 5between 6-8 pm



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