Cooking with Evan Karas - Interview on KefiFM


Easy, right? Just say it to yourself… KefiFM sat down with Evan Karas from the Philly area to talk about cooking and recipes made easy. Evan is a long time KefiFM fan and listener and wanted to bring him on the air to discuss his new venture regarding his love, food! Next to playing music, He loves to cook.

For those who don’t know him, he claims to be a self taught “Chef.” Yes, feel free to use the chef term extremely loosely… he knows he does.

He loves food. Like, really love food. It’s all he think about most days… well maybe not all he think about, but the thought is up there. Throughout his life, He always felt comfort in food, and accomplishment when he learns something new about it. Exploring food, different recipes, and the origins of those recipes takes Evan to another world, so he decided to create this channel to share just that.

Check out his youtube channel for more videos about his recipes here!



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