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Growing up under the Nazi boot - Book Release

KefiFM is proud to share one of our listeners has recently written and published a book - Growing up under the Nazi boot. This book is written by a local Boston Greek American, George C. Kakridas.

This book will be appreciated by many of all ages since most have lived or have relatives that lived the life George did and will relate to his story.

George was born in Vresthena Greece a short bus drive north of Sparti. He grew up under the Nazi occupation and the Greek civil war. He was 5 years old when the Nazi trucks rolled into the Platia of my village that changed my life forever.

"I wanted to write my story the day I arrived in America back in 1956 but it took me over 60 years to find the time to write it and publish it."

His book: “Growing up under the Nazi boot” is his true and inspiring story how he lived through two wars of hunger, fear for his life, and sickness.  He was fortunate to immigrate to America and live the American dream.

His book can be purchased on Amazon