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Keeping the Torch Alive

KefiFM’s Project for the Greek Community

Written by: Madison Xagoraris


Whether you listen to laïka, éntekhna, or Greek pop music, KefiFM has the music for you. This Boston-based Greek music station caters to listeners of all ages 24/7 streaming worldwide!

March 2017 — KefiFM was the brainchild of Christo and Yianni, with the goal to create a station that resembles Greek Radio stations heard in Greece. They wanted to be the “people’s station”, a station that listeners could feel attached to and make it personal to the quality commercials, jingles and top Greek music however, with a Greek-American flavor that listeners from the US, Canada and beyond could relate to.

During the day, listeners are treated to the latest pop hits you hear playing on the radio in Greece with new music released every Friday. At night, the station takes a mellow tune, playing music including laïka and zebeikika. In the event you don’t hear your favorite song playing throughout the day, KefiFM gives you the power to be the DJ where you can request music through the app to be played during the all-request hour (1–2pmET).

It may seem normal to stream music nationwide now, but this was not always the case. The Greek community did not always have access to the latest Greek hits. Prior to KefiFM, finding new Greek music was limited to buying CDs or records from their local shops or waiting to visit Greece to find new music.

The beauty of KefiFM is it appeals to every Greek! KefiFM has a variety of listeners not only in New England but around the world. Their growing listener base is predominantly made of Greek and Greek Americans who are first or second-generation.

A unique attribute that sets them apart from other Greek stations in the US is their jingles and commercials. KefiFM seeks to immerse its listeners in the Greek listening experience by providing authentic jingles and commercials as heard in radio stations in Greece. THE biggest compliment is when listeners travel to Greece in the summer and choose to listen to KefiFM over stations in Greece while there!

In addition to promoting popular and traditional music to the Greek community, KefiFM makes it a priority to highlight local voices and businesses in New England. Our station is supported by a team of interns, marketing folks, social media, news and graphic designers who create amazing content. The other side of our station is the wonderful sponsors and supporters who advertise their products and services to our Greek-American Community. It is an incredible balance and harmony of fellow Greeks supporting each other's small businesses.

The event calendar is a popular hub for listeners to submit events and concerts they wish to communicate to a larger audience. KefiFM’s website has not only become “events central” for upcoming events and concerts but has a growing database, “Kefi Hub,” for local Greeks to promote their business. Kefi Hub was created during the pandemic as a method to identify and support Greek businesses ranging from real estate, design, automobile services, medicine, and non-profit organizations.

Meraki is a special Greek word to the KefiFM team as they created the station by putting a bit of themselves into this special project — their love, creativity and passion… People like Penny, Maria, Demetri, Zoe; to name a few, who are on the KefiFM team have put their love and personality into the station. — Meraki!

In closing, KefiFM is a movement of people who have a common idea of culture and music. Founders Christos and Yianni hope to one day pass the torch to a younger generation to continue the promotion of Hellenic culture and music.

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Republished from Madisons Blog

About Madison

Madison Xagoraris is a Northeastern graduate and former president of the Northeastern Hellenic Society. She keeps a personal blog focusing on Greek news, stories, and local business.

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